Forced Inclusion

Forcing or coercing inclusion for disabled children in the playground has a two-way negative effect for both disabled children and all other children impacted. It builds resentment all round.

It can be a sign a teacher has not done their earlier job properly, to prepare a class for inclusion as a whole, so space exists, and no forcing is needed.

Children, disabled or not, are entitled to their preferences. Early action can ensure they understand how wonderful inclusion can be.

Too often autistics who have different preferences, different play, different communication styles, differing rules for games, can also be harmed by pushing them. Their safety, and respect for them, is equally important to that which should be shown to other children.

When inclusion is a natural and organic process that arises from good education and culture, a teacher or parent has done their work well... whether it is successful all of the time or only some of the time.

TL;DR: Community and inclusion can never exist - if imposed.