Autistics and Imposter Syndrome

You feel like you are not really Autistic?
You are concerned your diagnosis or discovery takes away from Autistics who cannot communicate, etc.?
You feel like you've "tried-on" an identity that doesn't really belong to you?

We are made to feel conflicted about such matters by the majoritarian nature of our society.

A re-couching of your situation might be in order.

Perhaps the first step could be to revisualise a way forward that sees you on a journey of self-discovery that leads to self-identification, and drop any mention of the self-diagnosis bit altogether?  Autism is not a diagnosis, not a pathological or medical matter.

Then more deeply consider how beneficial it is for relatives and friends for you to validly co-identify, go deeper for everyone's sake, reach for authentic autistic living together?

And understand that the disability pie didn't shrink the moment society discovered service dogs, or wheelchairs, or HIV medications, or ADHD, or autism..... the pie is grown by understanding, realising, counting, listening, hearing, responding with care, caritas... love.  You are not taking-away from others.  Self-knowledge is a plus.  Sharing helpful knowledge is a plus.

Lastly, consider the 200 million+ alive today who do not know they are autistic, and who more or less labour under the social imposition of masking, conforming, pretending, exhausting themselves in a socially-coerced mass-imposterhood.

You are not watering-down our disability or any assistance/notice we autistics receive --- you are part of the solution --- the extra application of more autistics and authentic autisticness is the most vital pressing imaginable need right now. 

More autistic hands to the pump!