Autistics and Analogies for Autism

How to explain autism to a non-autistic?  Especially a child.

If they KNOW nothing, you can't explain.

So best start with what they know, and develop by way of analogy until they are ready to grasp whole concepts directly.


If older, do they prefer stylish/smooth MacOS or incompatible Windows OS and its versatility and familiarity?

If a little younger, Android 'versus' iPhone?


Younger still, DUPLO® versus incompatibile LEGO® bricks?


Younger still, maybe read them The Ugly Duckling and explain.


Others have noted that some children love chocolate ice cream because it's rich and creamy, while others prefer the plainness of vanilla because it's simple and goes well with any topping, (even a coating or sprinkling of chocolate now and then!).... we are all ice-creams us humans.


Perhaps among their toys they have trains that run on one track that will not fit on another track, and vice versa. Both are trains, but they have need of different tracks.


One can also use the playground analogy... one cannot swing in the sandpit, but one cannot make sandcastles on the swing, one cannot see-saw on the slide, or slide very far down the see-saw. Each of us is a different set of things to do, and need to be cared for separately, the sandpit needs sifting, the see-saw needs oiling, the climbing equipment needs a soft landing, and the slide needs polishing. For the world to be truly fun, we can't all be the same, all see-saws.


Some houses look modern, swish, smooth, and are designed with lots of modern gadgets and technology, with many automated features.... while others have a traditional, older, cozy and inviting feel.

Whether a person chooses to live in one or the other (lucky person who can choose, eh!) is neither good or bad, smarter or stupider. It is a choice made to 'fit' a person.