Autistics and Misanthropy

Misanthropy is likely nothing to do with being autistic but instead is a downstream matter that happens to an individual later in life as a result of how others are, society is, the world is, towards autistics.

It is a bread and butter issue for psychologists to deal with. Not in the 'too hard' basket. Avoid CBT/DBT - known as ABA for Adults. You may not be the issue, but you will have to contribute to change.

Some of what misanthropes experience could be caused by

1. a final withdrawal or completing of reclusiveness to minimize anxiety exposure

2. internalized ableism caused by upbringing and accumulated personal prejudice

3. unwillingness to face-up-to one's own character and personality weaknesses, with misdirecting and redirecting of criticisms

4. manifestation of the trauma inflicted by ABA and other trust-undermining manipulative torture techniques that lead to zombieism and gnaw-mal-isation

5. misdiagnosis, especially ASPD or anti-social personality disorder

6. the end result of living out any form of supremacism, elitism, apartheid, self-aggrandizement, or self-delusionary life

7. a surrender at discovering one is unable to make, maintain, grow, repair, or end friendships satisfactorily

8. an over-extension of PDA or a Persistent Drive for Autonomy into the realm of absolutizing autonomy (autarchy)

9. a culmination of anhedonia ('feeling nothing'), selfish excess, egoism, over-indulgence, and moral mire

10. the result of reinforced experience of trauma and other repeat life misfortunes and tragic encounters

11. the long term unsatisfying of a very focused or niche requirement for company based on demeanour, fascination, passion, peculiarity

12. divergence leading past diversity, or difference, or dissimilarity, onwards to powerful dissonance, a complete lack of compatibility with even people experiencing the same life discord

13. fearing others and what they can do or have done

14. having experienced sufficient vulnerability, pain, loneliness, targeting, abuse, trauma, for a lifetime and deciding to cap it right then and there.

Oftentimes, being able to name the pain, point in a direction, leads to some hope. And being lost, standing next to the word Misanthrope alone, means no hope at all.